Providence College / Content Pro

Supporting the teaching, learning and research (TLR) continuum is an organizing principle for engagement between Providence College’s Phillips Memorial Library and its community. As one facet of Providence College's digital library, the Content Pro system publishes and archives select digitized and born-digital College research collections (e.g., Special and Archival Collections, Art and Art History, …), making them available 24/7.

Scholarship and creative expressions included within Providence College's Content Pro collections have been reviewed, selected and deposited following policies established by individual college departments, centers and programs in consultation with Phillips Memorial Library faculty and staff. Discovery of Content Pro collections is optimized through system implementation of Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocols—Web interoperability standards, which facilitate the efficient dissemination of content and open up collections to World Wide Web searching through seamless search engine indexing of metadata and textual content.

Inquiries or requests for digitization consultation services or to include College research materials in Content Pro may be sent to Digital Publishing Services.

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